Oh Min Seok Publicly Declares His Love for Kang Ye Won on “We Got Married”

Actor Oh Min Seok declares his love for actress Kang Ye Won in the middle of Gangnam on MBC’s variety show “We Got Married.”

Last week, Kang Ye Won won a bet with Oh Min Seok at the roller skating rink. As a result, Oh Min Seok has to carry out her wish which is to have him confess his love for her publicly in the middle of Gangnam. Oh Min Seok stands in the middle of the street and faces Kang Ye Won on the other side of the street. Despite momentary nervousness and shyness, Oh Min Seok confesses his love for her at the top of his lungs. What will Kang Ye Won’s response be to such a brave display of love?

This week’s mission is to make kimchee for the winter season. Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won set out to make their first kimchee together.

oh min seok-kang ye won

As they’re making kimchee wearing aprons, sanitation caps, gloves, and wrist warmers, Oh Min Seok asks Kang Ye Won what women find sexy in men.

Kang Ye Won tells him what she thinks is sexy in Oh Min Seok. Then, he tries to appeal to her right away proving her point. The topic of their conversation moves onto facial reading. The mood ripens as Kang Ye Won starts to explore her curiosity about what people say about a man and his nose.

Be sure to tune into “We Got Married” on November 14 at 5 p.m. KST and delve into Oh Min Seok and Kang Ye Won’s conversation.

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