Seol Ah and Su Ah’s Mischievousness Strikes Again By Covering Themselves in Cream

Seol Ah and Su Ah continued to be the cute rascals they are.

On the episode of “The Return of Superman” that will air on November 15, Lee Dong Gook visits a beauty salon academy to learn how to tie his daughters’ hair.

While their dad is focused on learning how to properly tie hair, Seol Ah nd Su Ah indulge into their mysterious side by slathering their faces with a facial pack. Their face is now white from the layer of cream that is covering their faces.

In the revealed stills, Su Ah and Seol Ah resemble snowmen, Not only is the facial pack on their face but in their hair as well. After dragging the bowl with the cream inside it closer to them, they dip their hands into it. Soon they look at each other’s eyes while adding bold slaps of cream to their face, as if they’re creating art. Once their work is done, the two smile without a care in the world, unaware of the mess they’ve made.

Meanwhile, Lee Dong Gook is startled when he sees his daughters, saying, “Do those facial packs even wash off?”

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