G.NA Reveals the Secret Behind Her Glamorous Body

G.NA recently shared tips about having a glamorous body and how to look good on camera.

On the episode of FashionN’s “Follow Me 6” that aired on November 12, the MCs covered the topic of body shaping underwear.

After listening to the long list of different body shaping underwear, G.NA said, “My boobs are abnormally fat. On camera I have to wear bras with wire, but I usually wear no-wire ones during my daily schedule.”

Afterwards, she showed off her professional knowledge on underwear, from how to properly pick and wear bras, surprising both Ivy and Hwang Seung Eon.

Booty cushions, used to create the illusion of a plump hip, are also introduced on the show.

After seeing one that can be attached on and off one’s butt, G.NA said, “They’ve been upgraded. One time, I had to sew one to my pants before heading on stage.”

“In the past, I had to wear two nude bras in order to make my chest look plumper in a drama I as filming,” Hwang Seung Eon confesses. “One time, a male fan had commented he was disappointed after I posted a bikini selfie on my social media.”

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