7 Beautiful and Heartbreaking Time Travel Music Videos

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to fix a past mistake or spend more time with someone?

Time travel is a fascinating theme as it usually deals with nostalgia and past regret. There can also be a huge price to pay as fate is sometimes inescapable.

We have seen the use of time travel to give people second chances in Korean dramas such as “God’s Gift — 14 Days” and “Operation Proposal,” so it is no surprise that the theme has also been used in music videos as well. Here are seven K-pop music videos that have used time travel.

JYJ — “In Heaven”

Time Traveled: 3 weeks?

Junsu accidentally travels a few weeks back in time and gets to spend time with his girlfriend (Song Ji Hyo) who passed away after an accident. Somehow he forgets to warn her about the fated day…

FTISLAND — “Severely”

Time Traveled: 1 week

Similar to Junsu in JYJ’s “In Heaven,” Lee Hong Ki magically gets sent back one week after leaving a funeral. He seems to be in a completely different timeline as his girlfriend (Seolhyun) doesn’t recognize him, so it is a bit difficult to warn her about the future.

Jang Woo Hyuk — “Back To The Memories”

Time Traveled: ?

Trying to stop himself from breaking up with a past love, Jang Woo Hyuk builds a time machine using the actual Back to the Future Nike Shoes. Things don’t go as planned at the end. Maybe the universe was telling him to not travel through time.

Sunny Hill — “Child In Time”

Time Traveled: 13 years

In a very heartwarming music video, Sunny Hill’s Eunyoung falls asleep on a bus and wakes up 13 years in the past. After seeing her high school self, she cutely takes care of her(self).

IU — “U&I”

Time Traveled: ?

IU works hard at building a time machine to help wake up a boy that is in a coma.

f(x) — 4 Walls

Time Traveled: 3 minutes

f(x)’s “4 Walls” is the most recent music video on this list and was a little difficult to follow. The “butterfly effect” comes into effect as a teacup breaking sets everything else in motion.

Girls’ Generation — “Time Machine”

Time Traveled: None

While this is a Japanese ballad track and they don’t actually travel back in time, they are singing about really needing to use a time machine.

Which music video was your favorite use of time travel? Can you think of any other music videos that use this theme?

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