The Best of Block B in San Francisco

Block B is one of those groups that puts on a show. They have a plethora of energetic songs and when they perform them, they bring 100% of their energy.

When they were in San Francisco this past Wednesday, we were lucky enough to be in attendance! While it was difficult to choose only 5, we put together our top moments from the show. If you are in the States, you can still attend their show in Los Angeles on Sunday – don’t miss out! Here’s what you’ll be able to see if you attend:

1. The Show’s Theme

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Block B is usually playing the bad guys in their music videos – from pirates to bank robbers to creepy carnival workers – so it made perfect sense that the theme of the 2015 Block B US Tour <BLOCKBUSTER> was super villains! The members began the show dressed in the black and white stripes that are iconic of old-school prison inmates. U-kwon, dressed as Jigsaw, taught fans to dance while simultaneously laughing extremely in character and extremely creepily. The rest of the video montages included villain quotables (“I am your father,” “why so serious?”, “ who you gonna call?”) and one hilariously Star Wars themed video essentially explaining why villains are far superior to heroes.

2. Jaehyo

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Yes, Jaehyo himself was a top part of the tour! While it’s a huge bummer that he’s injured for Block B’s U.S. tour, he does make the best of it. Rather than sitting sullenly, he danced in his chair and showed off the moves of his upper body. P.O. and B-Bomb kept playing with him – with B-Bomb even going so far as to grab his arms and make him dance – it was super cute! Also – Jaehyo fans, make sure you stand on the left side of the stage!

3. The Special Stages

block-b-3 From the rappers performing “No Joke,” Bastarz performing “Zero for Conduct,” and Zico’s solo stage of “Okey Dokey” – the crowd went completely wild for all of these songs. When I was on the balcony, people were jumping around so intensely that, no lie, I was mildly concerned for the stability of the balcony. But I still jumped along.

4. “You’re sexy!”

block-b-us-1 During one of the speaking parts, a particularly impressive BBC yelled “you’re sexy!” at Zico and in true Zico fashion he not only repeated it, he also acknowledged it, and then performed some sort of cheesy dance that was very not sexy.

5. A Bonus Encore

block-b-us-4 After going hard for so long, the boys finally finished their encore stage with “Very Good (Rough Version)” and the closing credits began to play. With behind the scenes clips showing the boys rehearsing for the BLOCKBUSTER tour, fans were glued to their seats waiting for glimpses of their fave practicing in normal clothes. Good thing they stayed to watch the credits because there was a surprise second encore after the video! The boys sauntered back onto the stage and ended the whole night perfectly, with a rendition of “Movie’s Over.” After such a stellar and theatrical concert, the song was truly the best way to say goodbye!

Thank you to Subkulture Entertainment for inviting us to cover the show! Are you seeing Block B while they’re here?

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We have a new account purely for tweeting out from events we attend and not only were we in SF to see Block B, but we also flew out to Chicago! Check out our live coverage of the Chicago concert and get excited for our upcoming #SoompixBlockB interview:  

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