Watch: Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol’s Strange Skinship Scene in “Reply 1988” Gains Attention

A strange situation has arisen between Duk Sun (Girls’ Day’s Hyeri) and Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) on the tvN drama “Reply 1988.”

On the November 13 broadcast, the two friends and neighbours go on a school trip together. Jung Hwan gives Duk Sun alcohol to safeguard for the trip but she ends up losing it. As the two bicker, someone approaches them and they hide in an extremely narrow alley.

For a long time the two stand pressed close to each other, barely breathing. When a tired Duk Sun closes her eyes and breathes out, Jung Hwan is clearly flustered by their chests pressing together in the narrow space.

In the same episode, Jung Hwan is flustered again when Duk Sun grabs him in a “back hug” to hide herself. Is this the beginning of a love line?

Watch the scene below:

Meanwhile, Ryu Jun Yeol is rapidly gaining popularity through his role in this drama.

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