Watch: Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun Take “Daily Taeng9Cam” to Shanghai

On the November 14 broadcast of OnStyle’s reality show “Daily Taeng9Cam,” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun (also known as TaeTiSeo) left for Shanghai for Taeyeon’s solo concert tour. The three ladies carried a video camera to capture the details of their trip.


At the airport, Taeyeon talked about her fashion saying, “I don’t worry about my airport fashion. It’s all about comfort.” In response, Tiffany added, “Taeyeon has come a long way. She talks about fashion voluntarily now.”

When Taeyeon showed off her dress by twirling around, Tiffany teased her saying, “You look like a banana milk.”


The laughter continued even after they arrived at their hotel in Shanghai. They would take selfies or play board games together. They enjoyed their time together often bursting into laughter. At times, Taeyeon would tease Seohyun or frown when she loses at a game.


Taeyeon’s concert in Shanghai was a success. Taeyeon was especially thankful toward the Girls’ Generation members while making her solo debut. During the concert, she became teary-eyed while reading a letter sent to her by the Girls’ Generation members. She responded by singing “I Love You” confirming their friendship.

“Daily Taeng9Cam” is a reality show centered around Taeyeon. The show gives a glimpse of Taeyeon’s life as not only an idol star but rather as an artist on a personal level. “Daily Taeng9Cam” airs every Saturday at noon on OnStyle.

Check out the clips of the show below:

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