Red Velvet and BTOB Become Bridesmaids and Best Men for Joy and Yook Sungjae’s Wedding

Joy and Yook Sungjae had a fairytale wedding on “We Got Married,” and their group members from Red Velvet and BTOB visit to show them love.

Before their wedding, the other Red Velvet and BTOB members got to meet each other. When Joy and Yook Sungjae boarded the bus to go to the amusement park, they were surprised when they see them.

we got married4

Moreover, Yook Sungjae points out, “I’ve never seen the hyungs so happy like this. Changsub hyung must’ve been really excited for this.”

we got married5

He continues in his individual interview, “I didn’t know what to do meeting these two groups all at once. [BTOB] members looked so happy. It was written all over their faces.”

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