Rainbow Celebrates Their 6th Anniversary

On November 14, the members of Rainbow celebrated their 6th anniversary.

The members took to their Instagram accounts to celebrate and thank their fans. Leader Jaekyung took a photo with a fan-funded advertisement in the subway, with the caption, “Thank you, my lovelies #RAINBOW 6thAnniversary.” The sign she is holding in the photo says, “I love you Rainnous,” which is their official fan club name.

Member Jisook posted a photo of a rainbow cake. She wrote, “It’s Rainbow’s 6th anniversary <3 I’d like to express my gratitude to all who took care of us and supported us so prettily for all this time! And more than anyone or anything else, my precious and important members! Thank you so, so much for always being beside me no matter when or where~ My friends and my sisters that I’m so proud of! I’ll love you even more! #Rainbow6thAnniversary #Rainbow #RainnousIsTheBest.”

Seungah also posted a photo of the subway ad, writing, “What! It’s Rainbow’s 6th anniversary. To my members, our fans, to everyone, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so very, very much! I love you all! Thank you for always loving us and being at our side. Thank you Rainnous :).”

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Yoonhye wrote, “I’m sending a heart to our beloved Rainnous! Thank you for celebrating our 6th anniversary since debut and… I’m ever thankful. I love you! I love our members the absolute most.” Alongside it, she posted a selca of her making an adorable face, showing off a heart-shaped ring.

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Lastly, Noeul shared two posts on the special day. With an old Christmas photo of the group, she wrote, “2009.11.14 ~ 2015.11.14 ing. Oh my, oh my, it’s already been six years since Rainbow debuted! We seven members have spent the last six years moving forward without changing, and we’ve only been too please to do so. I’m grateful for the love we’ve felt~^^ I also want to express my explicit gratitude to all the Rainnous who have come this far with us. It hasn’t been easy, but I hope that in the future all of our moments together are only filled with happiness. Rainnous, you’ve also done a good job this far, but let’s keep going a little further! I love my members and all the Rainnous!”

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