12 Celebrities Who Used to Be Ullzzangs

There are many moments when you are watching TV and you see a familiar face that you cannot place. It is highly likely that you have seen that singer or actor on the internet as a former ullzzang (Korean term meaning best face and good-looking).

In the past, such celebrities were famous only through the world of bloggers and social media. Nobody would have guessed that they would make it big on-screen. However, many well-loved celebrities come from ullzzang backgrounds.

The list below shows 12 stars who came from an ullzzang background and who are constantly described as having “that star potential since they were young” and “never aging beauty.”

1. Kang Min Kyung

kang min kyung

2. Park Han Byul

park han byul

3. Nam Sang Mi

nam sang mi

4. Jung Yong Hwa


5. Lee Min Jung

lee min jung

6. Ku Hye Sun

Goo Hye Sun

7. Kim Hye Sung

kim hye sung

8. Red Velvet’s Irene


9. T-ara’s Hyomin


10. Lee Joo Yeon

Lee Joo Yeon

11. ZE:A’s Moon Junyoung

Moon Jun Young

12. Jung Joon Young

jung joon young

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