A Pink’s Chorong Apologizes for Spelling “Pray for Paris” Wrong

A Pink‘s Chorong has apologized for her recent spelling mistake, “Play for Paris.”

On November 15, Chorong wrote on A Pink’s official fan cafe saying, “I know I’m not the smartest but I’m usually not the one to spell something wrong and post it. I don’t know why I wrote that. Maybe my fingers have a mind of its own.”

She continued, “Anyway, I did spell it wrong so it’s true that I’m stupid. I fixed it right away after I posted it.”

Prior to this, Chorong had posted a message on Twitter that read “Play for Paris” instead of “Pray for Paris,” which made many netizens point out that she might be poorly educated. Although she corrected the spelling almost immediately after posting, many of her followers had already taken screenshots of the tweet and posted them on various discussion boards, bringing more attention to Chorong’s mistake.

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