Can You Guess Which Movies BTS Recreates for Their 2016 Season's Greeting Calendar?

For their 2016 Season’s Greetings calendar, the boys of BTS have recreated various movies and brought the characters to life. Some of the photos are more obvious than others. Can you guess which film each member is representing?

We’ll start off light. Rap Monster and Jungkook are childishly adorable, dressed in matching overalls and yellow shirts. They’re pretty much the picture of childhood, showing off innocent expressions.

btsminions2 btsminions1

But then we have Rap Monster looking sleek and dashing in a suit and tie with a mysterious expression. Can you believe this is supposed to be from the same movie?


Got your guesses in? If you said “Despicable Me,” you’re right! But how could you not, when the Minions have all but taken over the planet at this point?

Next, we have J-Hope, who seems ready to hit the books with his schoolboy looks. He’s got his reading glasses, which look strangely familiar. And what’s that crest on his jacket? Striped scarf, sending letters…

btsharrypotter3 btsharrypotter1 btsharrypotter2

You got it, it’s “Harry Potter.” Real subtle, J-Hope.

On to the next film! We have Suga with a cozy-looking sweatshirt, ice blue contact lenses, and a peculiar lack of shoes. Where have we seen that before?

suga2 suga1 suga3

With his shock of blonde hair, Suga does a very good impression of Jack Frost from “Rise of the Guardians.” Someone take him to a convention! He’s got this cosplaying thing down pat.

Now for something a little harder for our younger readers. V and Jin teamed up for their shoot, which seems pretty eclectic. The poses go from goofy to serious and back again. The props range from silly straw glasses to dolphin pool rings. How could any of this make sense?

bts3 bts1 bts2 bts5 bts4

It doesn’t. That’s the point. The film they recreated was “Dumb and Dumber.” Don’t believe us? It’s the outfits that give them away. Here’s a still from the movie for comparison.


Last, we have Jimin. This is most likely the hardest out of the bunch to guess, as the film it comes from is not only quite old, but also pretty obscure. In the photos, Jimin lays on a bed surrounded by lights and looking morose.

jimin1 jimin3 jimin2

Are you stumped? You’re in good company. The scene is less of a recreation than it is a tribute to the 1996 version of “Romeo and Juliet.” In fact, the only clues that give it away is the star-shaped light (“star-crossed lovers”), and the fact that in the last scene of the film, the bed Juliet lies on is surrounded by glowing candles. We think it’s probably a more accurate representation of every sad teen romance flick, ever.

How many were you able to guess correctly? As an added bonus, here are some of the behind-the-scenes stills from the photoshoot.

btsextra1  btsextra2 btsextra4 btsextra5


btsextra8 btsextra6


btsextra10  btsextra9

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