Former Contestant Brody and Lee Hi’s Older Sister to Appear on “K-Pop Star 5”

It’s time to get excited for another season of SBS’ audition survival show “K-Pop Star.”

On November 15, SBS aired a prologue episode of the upcoming fifth season to give viewers a little taste of what’s to come.

kpop star 5

Viewers were particularly surprised to see former contestant Brody, who was one of Yang Hyun Suk’s most cherished trainees on season three, taking part in the audition show once again. The judges are happy to see her back on stage, and compliment her more mature appearance, “You have become a young lady.”

Maybe even more unexpected is the identity of one female contestant, who convinces the judges of her talent within seconds after starting to sing. Turns out that she is none other than the older sister of Lee Hi, the runner-up of “K-Pop Star 1.”

kpop star 5

When the judges are informed of this, Yang Hyun Suk is just as shocked as everyone else and says, “Even I had no idea.”
kpop star 5

Meanwhile, the first episode of “K-Pop Star 5” is scheduled air on November 22.