Sunny Officially Says Her Final Goodbye on Her Radio Show, “Sunny’s FM Date”

Girls’ Generation member Sunny said her final goodbyes to her radio show listeners.

On October 15, Sunny officially parted with her beloved radio show, MBC FM4U’s “Sunny’s FM Date,” after a year and six months.

Toward the end of the last show, Sunny said, “Someone has posted what I will be doing tomorrow night. Since there will be a Girls’ Generation concert soon, I will probably be rehearsing for that. Everything is so hectic. The girls are all practicing every day.”

She continued, “I will be leaving my love for this show here. I am glad that I was able to make so many great memories on this radio show. Thank you all for sharing all your stories of your bad days, sad days, and happy days on this radio show. The last song I will play for you guys is Sung Si Kyung and Kwon Jin Ah’s ‘Don’t Forget.’ I am so grateful to my listeners every day. Every day, when it hits eight at night, I will feel empty and sad. Let’s meet again in the future. Thank you again for the memories.”

Singer Park Ji Yoon will replace Sunny on “FM Date.” She will be hosting the show starting November 16.

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