Park Si Yeon Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby Girl

Actress Park Si Yeon has become a proud mother of a new baby girl.

The CEO of her agency officially stated, “Park Si Yeon has given birth to a healthy daughter. Both the mother and child are in good condition and I ask that everyone congratulate her for such a happy occasion.”

Park Si Yeon got married in 2011 and had her first child two years later. Now, another two years later, Park Si Yeon has given birth to her second child. November 14 in the afternoon, Park Si Yeon became a happy mother of two girls.

Currently, Park Si Yeon is resting and has said to her fans, “I want to thank those who have congratulated me on my birth to a beautiful daughter. As a mother of two kids, I will work hard to have a happy and healthy family. I will also return not as the mother, but as the actress Park Si Yeon in the future as well. Please look forward to it.”

Congratulations, Park Si Yeon!

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