iKON Says “Apology” Could Be About B.I

On November 16, iKON released the double tracks “Anthem” and “Apology.” Leading up to the midnight release, YG Entertainment’s newest group talked to their fans through the V live app on “iKON Night Countdown.”

For the new tracks, iKON worked with YG producer Teddy. “We worked our hardest for this new track,” they said. “We were more nervous than usual about it.”

About the song “Apology,” Kim Dong Hyuk said, “It’s about a breakup from a bad boy’s perspective. The lyrics express his feelings at the time of the breakup.”

“It’s about someone like B.I, right?” another member chimed in.

“Sure, I’m a bad boy,” B.I agreed. The members went on to describe the song, saying, “It’s really compatible with the cold weather, and something about it makes you emotional. It’s cold and masculine, and the vocals really shine.”

You can watch the music video for “Apology” below.

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