Lee Dong Gook Celebrates Daebak’s First Birthday

Daebak has finally reached his first birthday, and Lee Dong Gook, being the proud father he is, made sure to share the news with his fans.

On November 15, Lee Dong Gook posted the above picture on his Instagram along with the caption, “After Daebak’s first birthday.”

In the revealed picture, Lee Dong Gook is cuddling Daebak with a wide smile on his face. His affectionate touch shows his love for his youngest child. Daebak, as usual, does not show a hint of fussing on his face as he calmly looks into the camera.

Meanwhile, Daebak has been gaining popularity among viewers, along with his four other sisters, since joining “The Return of Superman.” He is especially loved for his sweet and timid nature, being the peaceful center of a chaotic household of five children.

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