Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: November 2–8

The guys on this list may only have supporting roles, but through their redemptive actions, they prove they’re just as deserving of the spotlight as the lead characters.

1. “She Was Pretty” Episode 14: Seriously, No Joke

Shin Hyuk has planned a day of fun for his Jackson.

First, they eat at a buffet restaurant, and then, they fill the afternoon enjoying different rides and games at an amusement park. Finally, they spend the remaining hours of their day together at a cafe, where Shin Hyuk delivers one of the show’s poignant moments. At first, he affirms that they are great friends and wishes that they should have been schoolmates because then he would have had a first love. He then jokes that on the day he confessed his feelings to her, he should have kissed her.

Increasingly, Hye Jin becomes uncomfortable, as clearly, Shin Hyuk is just disguising his serious feelings.

Just before he leaves, he tells her he really likes Kim Hye Jin, the human being. He thanks her and tells her he has had a really exciting time because of her. As he says goodbye, he high fives her, and all the time, his smile never breaks, but alone in the car, he is unable to stop his tears.

Shin Hyuk was the first person to see Hye Jin’s true beauty and loved her for it, and we hate to have to say goodbye to such a memorable character!

2. “Reply 1988” (Episode 1): This Dad Is All Right

Sung Dong Il has been reincarnated into a “Reply” dad again! He’s definitely among the best things about the franchise, and it’s hard to imagine anybody else playing that special Dad.

Deok Sun has just participated in the Olympics as one of the flag carriers, but something else memorable will top this moment.

As she arrives closer to home, she is surprised to see her father waiting for her outside. They go to a neighborhood store, where she proudly shows him all the Olympic souvenirs she collected, including a couple of dead birds. Heh.

It’s Dad’s turn to show her something, heading inside the store for her birthday cake! She’s speechless, and she becomes even more teary-eyed when Dad apologizes for the mistakes he’s made as a parent. As she listens and cries, Dad tells her she’s pretty and muses that he’ll be miserable when she gets married.

They both light the candles, clapping together when she blows them out. That night, they walk home hand-in-hand. Family is where everything starts and ends.

3. “All About My Mom” (Episode 26): Kiss for the Boo-Boo

While working late, Hye Joo’s ex-husband, Kwang Yeol, storms into the office and beats up Hyeong Gyu. When she receives a threatening call from the psychotic ex from the lawyer’s phone, Hye Joo realizes that her boss might be hurt and bolts for the office in a panic. She arrives to find Hyeong Gyu battered and slouched in the seat.

The tearful secretary apologizes to Hyeong Gyu, and as she doesn’t want him to continue worrying about her, she tells him she will just quit working for him. As Hye Joo dabs the wound on his face with her sleeve, Hyeong Gyu wipes her tears. For a moment, they stare at each other until he kisses her!

We wish this happened under more romantic and safe conditions, but this kiss has long been keen for its chance!

Hyeong Gyu started out as the most unlikeable character on the show, but being around Hye Joo and his gradually growing feelings for her have changed him into a selfless hero we can root for. However, will he and Hye Joo really have a chance? We hope they don’t have to endure too many more violent problems to become a couple.

4. “Bubblegum” (Episode 4): He’ll Make It Better

Counting has never sounded so sexy until hearing Ri Hwan do it!

After an intense evening that involved a fight with Suk Joon, an emotional Ri Hwan runs to Tae Hee’s place, where Haeng Ah is staying. He has something to say to her and they head to the park, sitting on the swings. It is a long talk that includes Haeng Ah’s fear of losing him and reminiscing about high school. She then mentions that she felt uneasy knowing that Ri Hwan was angry when he dropped her off earlier. He pulls her swing to his, showing her the pressure points on her hand and head that will relieve the stuffiness she’s feeling. Pressing on her head and hand, he tells her to imagine the sound of her heartbeat and take deep breaths. He counts slowly, his voice growing into a whisper as their eyes hang on each other. Time seems to have almost stopped for them!

Haeng Ah is lucky to have Ri Hwan, who will put her first above everything else. We wish we could momentarily trade places with her!

5. “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (Episode 9): Respect the Kid

Local cop Woo Jae may be young and inexperienced, but luckily for So Yoon, he is as stubborn as she is about solving her sister’s death.

Needing to find the owner of the numbers listed in Hye Jin’s phone records, Woo Jae goes to the main police station and asks Detective Choi for help. Far more interested in catching an elusive serial killer, the lead investigator angrily dismisses Woo Jae. Fuming, the young Achiara cop barges into the station, rankling all the detectives present. He refuses to leave even as one of them tries to haul him out. Woo Jae shouts at Detective Choi as Hye Jin’s death matters just as much as the serial murder case.

He moves closer to the detective and flashes the badge on his chest. He reminds Choi that they wear the badge to protect the citizens, and Hye Jin’s two-year-old rotten corpse is still their citizen. By now, he has the detective’s full attention, and at Choi’s behest, the others stand down from approaching Woo Jae. Once again, our hero shows Hye Jin’s phone log to Choi, telling him that the murderer might be on the list. He adds that he needs a warrant to investigate the communication records and bows down to the detective. Choi gives him a subtle smile, acknowledging Woo Jae’s tenacity.

We couldn’t be prouder of the young cop! If only everyone in the village shared his passion for justice!

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6. “Sassy Go Go” (Episode 10): We’re All Good

Kwon Soo Ah has done nothing worth liking throughout the entire drama, and ultimately, the revelation of her misdeed against Yeol has made her public enemy #1 at school.

Being the subject of bullying and unable to escape the expectations of her mother, Soo Ah decides she must end her life, but thankfully, she is rescued. In her note to Yeon Doo, she apologizes and explains the reasons for her actions. Her words change the cheerleading team’s perception of her, and they try to cheer her up while she’s recovering in the hospital.

It’s a moving scene, showing the importance of redemption, forgiveness, and having the support of friends. Because of the encouraging messages of her friends, Soo Ah has gone from lonely and miserable to having the happiness she always wanted.

7. “Six Flying Dragons” (Episode 9): That’s Our Hero?

After it was learned that Bang Won had forged the Ahn Byeon book, many set chase after him.

While trying to take one of the horses under Moo Hyul’s care, Bang Won is surrounded by childhood friend Heo Kana and a small group of fighters, who want to capture him and make him pay for his actions. However, Bang Won’s dire situation gives way to hilarity, as our hero commands Moo Hyul, who was fooled into believing he was promoted to a high ranking bodyguard, to protect him. Moo Hyul successfully pushes back the men. However, when he is ordered to grab a horse and escape, there’s a problem: Moo Hyul has no idea how to ride. LOL. The sight of Myoo Hyul bucking, swaying, and screaming had us hunched over in laughter and tears.

We look forward to watching how Moo Hyul saves the day each week.

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That’s all for this batch of top K-drama moments! Check out some of these shows and more on VIKI, and join us again next time for a fresh list!

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