Choiza Thanks Sulli for Showing Love for Dynamic Duo’s New Track on Instagram

Dynamic Duo recently dropped their eighth album “Grand Carnival,” and member Choiza has thanked his girlfriend Sulli for declaring her love for one of their new tracks on Instagram.

On November 17, Sulli posted a shot to her Instagram of her music app playing “When Winter Comes,” one of the tracks off Dynamic Duo’s new album. She writes as the caption, “The song that made me cry the moment I heard it. It’s finally out…!”

sulli dynamic duo

Later that day, Choiza talked about her Instagram post while at a press conference for the group’s new album. He says, “I’m incredibly grateful to my girlfriend. Before the album came out, I played it for people I know, but Sulli liked that song in particular.”

“I thought it wasn’t a song that could stand out on the album, but I was happy that she brought it into the spotlight,” he continues. “I think it took courage to post that on social media, so I’m really grateful.”

Sulli has since taken to Instagram again to address comments about her message of support and clear up any misunderstandings. “My boyfriend played that song for me then… it comforted me and made me feel stable,” she writes. “That’s why I said I cried…!! The song is so good so I uploaded the post as a fan!!”

Sulli and Choiza confirmed that they were dating back in August of last year after photos spread of the pair on a date.

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