Dynamic Duo Explains Intentions Behind Their BIGBANG Parody in New Music Video

Dynamic Duo‘s new track “Jam” features lyrics that play on the names of all five BIGBANG members, and to go along with it, the music video includes a lighthearted parody of the group.

On November 17, at a press conference for the release of Dynamic Duo’s new album “Grand Carnival,” member Choiza explained their intentions behind their imitations of BIGBANG in the video. “We parodied them because we respect them,” he says. “We like BIGBANG. They’re so famous that anyone could tell who we were parodying, even though we look nothing like them. We thought they’d have a lot of fun watching it too.”

Gaeko says. “After we made the bridge part of the song with BIGBANG members’ names, we thought about trying to do a parody. We worried a lot over whether or not we should do it. We thought that fans might be offended, but we did it because we thought it would be a lot of fun.”

Check out their parody in the music video for “Jam” below!

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