iKON Talks About Sajaegi Rumors and Working Under Pressure

YG’s newest group iKON has opened up about rumors about “sajaegi,” or the systematic manipulation of music charts. Yang Hyun Suk, president of YG Entertainment, had previously said he welcomed all investigations into sajaegi.

On November 17, iKON sat down to talk to fans about their double digital singles, “Apology” and “Anthem.”

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about the rumors,” B.I said. “If they were true, they would have hurt me, but since we weren’t guilty it didn’t bother me. I thought that we would just show those people with our next album.”

Fellow member Donghyuk said, “After the rumors started, the members talked amongst ourselves. We decided not to get too hung up on it and keep doing the music we wanted to do and show a good performance. So we didn’t worry.”

In keeping with B.I’s words, “Apology” and “Anthem” are currently topping music charts in a successful release following their previous singles “My Type,” “RHYTHM TA,” and “Airplane.”

“It’s not like there wasn’t pressure,” iKON said. “We thought that all the love we received was undeserved for a rookie group like us, but we are trying not to feel pressured and have a more positive outlook. We want to show our musical growth and we will try our hardest to repay our fans with good music.”

They concluded with their future goals. “We got a lot of help from our company but we also worked hard to fulfill our fans’ anticipation. We will keep working until we can fly with our own wings. Rather than be famous, we want to stay together for a long time and we want to make the name ‘iKON’ a good one. In order for that to happen, we are working hard.”

iKON’s debut full album “Welcome Back” will be released on December 14.
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