Choi Siwon Asks Fans to Wait For Him While He Is in the Army

Though Choi Siwon is heading off to the military soon, he asked his fans if they would wait for him while he serves the country.

On November 18, Choi Siwon posted a picture of himself on Instagram along with the caption,”Will you wait for me? #piagetpossession.” The caption seems to be him asking fans if they will wait for him during his two year absence while in the military. In the picture, he is holding a ring around his index finger, as if he is asking the question with a promise ring. The ring itself is from the Possession series of the jewelry brand Piaget for which he is a spokesmodel for.

Meanwhile, Choi Siwon will be heading into the military on November 19. He and TVXQ’s Changmin plan to enter without a big fuss or any other special events.

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