5 Epic Moments From Super Junior's Choi Siwon

Choi Siwon is set to enlist today, which means that Super Junior will be without their mascot horse for the next two years. In honor of his enlistment, we’ve combed through the past ten years of Super Junior history and compiled some of our favorite Siwon moments. Let’s reminisce (and cry) about the good times.

Super Show 6 Solo Stage – Wild Horse

Words cannot describe how I felt when I watched this live. Siwon in a horse costume, with no shirt on? I don’t even know what’s going on. You have to see it to believe it.

“Let’s Make Friends”

A throwback from Super Junior-M‘s Taiwan days, pretty much this entire show is legendary, but the most epic moment comes at the end, when somehow the boys all volunteer to get smacked in the butt. Siwon is pure gold in this show, but his reaction toward getting hit by Zhoumi is priceless.

“Super Junior Mini-Drama”

Before he was starring on the silver-screen as the second lead in dramas like “She Was Pretty,” our boy was acting with other Super Junior members on the variety show “Super Junior Mini-Drama.” Originally airing in 2006, Siwon wasn’t a regular member of the show, but had frequent cameos. Topics ranged from “horror” to “dangerous love,” and in this particular story our resident actor stars as a boy longing after his first love.

“Explorers of the Human Body”

Most of us have watched “Explorers of the Human Body,” and have our favorite moments from hot-pepper-eating to underwater-breathing. In my opinion, Siwon shines the most when facing off again DBSK, and reminds us why he’s the powerhouse in Super Junior when he carries the team to a last-minute victory.

Cosplay Mania

Despite his chic image, Siwon is actually a loveable goofball, and is constantly showing his silly side to fans through outrageous costumes and cosplays. From Captain Jack Sparrow to a carrot, our man has almost done it all. See some of our favorite moments below!

siwon zhoumi

siwon jack

siwon santa

This is just a small slice of some of the amazing things Siwon has been involved in; feel free to contribute and sound off on your favorite moments below!

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