MyMusicTaste Makes Us All Detectives for Next US Tour

Update: The puzzle has been completed and led fans to a new page here. The potential group pool is down to six: Super Junior, B.A.P, EXO, SHINee, BTS, and Block B! Who are you betting on now? 

For North American K-pop fans, it still holds true that any tour news is good news – if a group is willing to fly across the Pacific, most fans usually attend in support.

Well, MyMusicTaste is taking things to the next level with their latest North American tour – forcing fans to don their thinking caps and decipher a series of clues to figure out who they’ll be bringing early next year. The first fan to guess the group correctly will win free tickets to one of the stops – so make sure you send your predictions to MyMusicTaste’s Twitter account!

So far I only know one thing – it will be a male group. Other than that, I can’t give you any more hints. In fact, we’re taking internal bets on who the group will be. I’ll let you know who from Team Soompi wins (I made them bet real money, I take this sort of thing seriously).

Check out the clues below and PLEASE leave your guess in the comments below, I’m dying to know who the majority vote is for.