Clara to Make a Comeback Through Chinese Drama

Actress Clara will be making a comeback after a year through a Chinese drama.

On November 18, it has been revealed that Clara has landed a lead role in the Chinese drama, “Chocolate Full of Happiness,” (tentative title) in which she will play a charming chaebol or heiress. She will enter filming for the drama as early as next week.

The drama will be directed by Jung Ang Gook, whose previous works include “Flowers in the Fog” and “Princess Pearl.” The director collaborated with Korean actor Joo Jin Mo for the television series, “Flower in the Fog.”

Upon the news of her return, Clara took to SNS to communicate with her fans. On November 17, Clara wrote on her Instagram, “Hello, this is Clara. I hope everyone has been well and healthy. Due to the support from my fans, I have been resting with my family after an amicable agreement was reached in September.”

She continued, “I believe everything ended with a great result due to the support of my fans. Thank you. I will work hard to become a more mature person in the future. The weather has been getting colder. Please take care of your health and be happy. I love you.” Along with the comment, she uploaded a smiling picture of herself as well.

Last year, Clara was involved in a lawsuit with Polaris Entertainment, her former agency, after she sued the CEO for sexual harassment. Polaris had then accused the actress of blackmailing. In September, Clara and Polaris Entertainment had reached a settlement and Clara’s contract with the agency was terminated. Clara then set up a one-person agency in order to restart her career as an actress.

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