Lee Hong Ki Promises His Fans He Will Quit Smoking

FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki has vowed to fulfill his promise to quit smoking!

Lee Hong Ki made his debut as a solo artist on November 18 with the release of his album “FM302” and the music video for his title track “Insensible.” During his November 18 showcase, which was broadcast live over Naver’s V app, Lee Hong Ki mentioned that he had reached the top spot on the list of the most popular online search terms earlier that day.

“Yesterday I said that if I reached the top spot I’d quit smoking, but that was yesterday. I meant that I had to get to the top spot yesterday at that moment,” he jokes, causing his fans to make sounds of protest in response.

“Alright,” he says. “I’ll try to quit smoking starting tomorrow. For real.” The fans in the audience cheer, and he adds, “It seems like it’ll be difficult but I’ll do my absolute best.”

He then jokes, “If my hands are shaking on television, you’ll know that’s a withdrawal symptom.”

You can do it, Lee Hong Ki!

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