Roy Kim Is the Picture of Autumn for SURE Magazine

Singer Roy Kim poses for the December issue of SURE magazine, making his comeback with his third album after a year and two months. The album is sure to mesmerize female fans everywhere with his signature music style.

The photo shoot for the pictorial took place around the Han River area. Roy Kim is seen dressed in winter coats and knitwear accentuating his calm and simple style, which is reminiscent of his music as well. With the Han River as a backdrop, Roy Kim walks through a reed field under the soft autumn sunlight.

roy kim-sure2

roy kim-sure3

roy kim-sure4

The crew complimented the singer for his positive and easy going personality, which put everyone at ease.

Following his third album release, Roy Kim will be on stage from December 18 to December 20 for “Roy Kim Year-End Concert 2015.” In the December issue of SURE magazine, he will open up about his thoughts on his third album, youth, and his attitude towards music.

With past hit songs like “Bom Bom Bom,” “Love Love Love,” and “Home,” many fans have high expectations for the release of his third album on December 4. For more of Roy Kim’s pictorial and interview, check out the December issue of SURE magazine.

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