Introducing TWICE: Why Each Member Is Unforgettable

Jaw-dropping visuals, top-of-the-line dance moves, powerful vocals, and a killer, unique, debut music video make TWICE one of the top rookie groups to keep an eye on in the future. Each of the nine members has her own unique appeal that separates her from the others and makes it impossible for fans to choose a bias.


Nayeon (20), when asked to name something she looks similar to, answered “Squirtle.” They really do look similar, aside from Squirtle’s missing teeth. Luckily, Nayeon’s teeth give her one of the most unique, memorable smiles in TWICE.

Nayeon Squirtle resemblance

That, combined with her brief heart-stopping eye-smile-wink combo in the beginning of TWICE’s OOH-AHH music video, make Nayeon, the oldest member, impossible to forget.

Nayeon Wink Smile


A few years ago, a video of a girl doing an energetic, hilarious, dance in a church went viral. The girl in the video was later revealed to be Dahyun (17) and the dance was dubbed the “Eagle Dance.”

Dahyun's Eagle Dance
Dahyun’s Eagle Dance

Dahyun performed the dance earlier this year on the idol survival show “Sixteen,” and in her individual teaser music video for “OOH-AHH.” She was also in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It” MV, where she ignores JB’s threats of jumping off a building.

Dahyun in GOT7 Music Video


Tzuyu (16), receiving the most votes on the final episode of “Sixteen,” is the beautiful Taiwanese maknae and main visual of the group. Various news sources have compared her to AOA‘s Seolhyun, even going so far as to call her a “Seolhyun killer.” Others say that Tzuyu can be called an “insurmountable wall,” a term Korean netizens may use when referring to idols with goddess-like visuals, such as Taeyeon and SuzyAs the youngest of the group, she’s currently 16, but she’s sure to get more beautiful as she gets older!



Even though the spelling of her name is hard to remember, Jeongyeon (19) is impossible to forget. Her chic, ash-gray short hair gives her a unique look that captures the hearts of anyone who likes their girl groups to have members that don’t fit the status quo beauty standards.

Jeongyeon photoshoot on 'Sixteen'

She has a tomboyish look similar to f(x)’s Amber, but a fierceness that betrays her small stature:

jy 2 2


Momo (19) sticks out as the blonde-haired dancing queen who shows off her savage moves in the zombie-encircled bus during the climax in “OOH-AHH,” complete with head-rolling, hair-flipping action. Part of me wants her to slow down so she won’t hurt her neck, but the other side of me wants her to keep going because she does it so good.

Momo's hair flip in OOH-AHH


Fierce onstage, cute and goofy offstage. Mina (18) is the dorky, loveable Japanese member whose favorite food is ketchup and has the nickname “penguin.” She puts her 11 years of ballet experience to work in OOH-AHH by striking a swan pose, which Sana then tries to imitate. Mina puts on her serious face and dances seductively with jaw-dropping moves in this clip.

Mina dancing


Jihyo (18), the leader of TWICE, is known for two things: her voice and her body. JYP criticized her weight on “Sixteen,” but Jihyo not only breaks the mold of traditional skinny idol physiques, she owns the stage and mesmerizes viewers with both her vocals and her hips. Check out Jihyo’s hard-hitting vocals and hypnotizing dance moves in her Christina Aguilera cover.

Jihyo Christina Aguilera Cover


Although pretty rapstar Chaeyoung (16) didn’t get the chance to fully show off her ferocity in the “OOH-AHH” music video, she did film a short cover of Nicki Minaj’s “Stupid Hoe” for “Sixteen,” altering the lyrics to be much less obscene. Watch TWICE’s main rapper and second youngest member exhibit her natural charisma in this short clip:


Sana’s (18) stretching fail scene brought a dose of hilarity and lightheartedness to the “OOH-AHH” music video. While attempting Mina and Momo’s one-legged poses, she decides to smile and wave at the camera instead.

Expectation vs Reality

If that’s not enough of her innocent sweetness, during an elimination challenge on “Sixteen,” she decided to make spring rolls for JYP on stage, instead of singing or dancing:

Sana prepares spring rolls for JYP on stage

and JYP loved it:

JYP's reaction to Sana

Who do you think is the most unforgettable member of TWICE?

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* A previous version of this article misstated that Tzuyu had been eliminated and brought back on “Sixteen.”

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