Ga In Explains the Secret to Her “Nude” Scenes in “Brave New World” MV

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In revealed the behind-the-scenes secrets on her “nude” scenes in their newly released music video “Brave New World.”

On the November 18 broadcast of SBS‘s “One Night TV Entertainment,” the team sat down with Brown Eyed Girls who recently showcased a bold comeback after two full years.

During the interview, the interviewer showed screencaps of their “Brave New World” music video and said, “I was wondering how many nude scenes Ga In would have this time.”

ga in mv ga in mv2

To this, Jea asked, “Were there any?” and Ga In replied, “I did cover anywhere that needed to be covered. I wasn’t wearing much clothes but I considered the amount of makeup I had on my body as clothing.”

ga in one night tv entertainment1

She continued, “I was covered in pearl powder from head to toe. I wore underwear first and then covered my body with silicon before putting on the powder. I think the music video came out better than I expected.”

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