Final Winner of “Superstar K 7” Crowned

On the November 19 broadcast of Mnet’s audition program “Superstar K 7,” two finalists battled it out for the crown. The finals were split into two rounds between Kevin Oh and Chun Dan Bi. Kevin Oh had stood out from the crowd from his first audition with his guitar skills and appealing baritone voice, despite his awkward Korean. Chun Dan Bi impressed the judges and audience with her powerful and explosive vocals, and many hoped she would become the first female winner on “Superstar K 7.”

kevin oh

The first round was a “free mission,” in which the contestants could sing anything they wanted. Kevin Oh chose to perform “Blue Dream,” a song about the pain of first love. “I poured into the song my feelings about my first love two years ago,” he said. “They were someone I loved very much but they left me for someone else. I was really shocked.”

He conveyed the feelings of betrayal and hurt with his trademark husky, low voice. One of the judges, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong Shin said, “Kevin Oh’s strong points may feel unfamiliar for popular music, but it’s amazing that he has the guts to keep choosing his path.”

chun dan bi

Chun Dan Bi performed Park Mi Kyung’s “Distant Memories of You.” Sung Si Kyung, who had performed the song before, said that it was a good choice. In this first round she won a total of 373 points and beat Kevin Oh by one point.

In the second round, singer Shin Seung Hoon teamed up with the finalists and wrote and produced songs just for them. Kevin Oh sang “Dream” while Chun Dan Bi sang “Star.”

“‘Dream’ is a song that suits me,” Kevin Oh said. “It’s about having dreams about music. It’s sad to think that this is the end.”

Chun Dan Bi led the second round with 383 points while the nationwide votes were tallied. In the end, Kevin Oh managed to turn the game around with the nationwide votes and was crowned the final winner!

kevin oh

“I want to say ‘I love you’ to my family, my father, my friends, and all those who came from America. Thank you to everyone for voting for me.”

The runner-up, Chun Dan Bi, said, “Thank you for allowing me to reach this stage and thank you to the judges and staff who suffered even more than I did. Thank you to everyone who voted and supported me.”

As the final winner, Kevin Oh will receive 500 million won ($432,000), a luxury sedan, and the opportunity to release an album. As “Superstar K 7” is an Mnet show, he will perform his debut stage at the 2015 MAMA.

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