Fashion Designer Behind Masks on “King of Mask Singer” Reveals His Thoughts About His Work

Hwang Jae Keun, the designer behind the creative masks on the masked singing competition “King of Mask Singer,” recently revealed his thoughts about his new line of work.

“I decided to make masks because I thought that clothes were not the only solution,” he said. “After I launched my brand, my clothes did not sell as well as I thought they would. Afterwards I stopped looking at clothes alone. I thought that there were so many things I could design as well.”

The fashion designer appeared on the 2011 OnStyle show “Project Runway Korea Season 3.” “I started as a fashion designer but after only making clothes for a while I decided to create a unique signature that no other designer could copy,” he said. “Taking on masks was a sudden extension of my field.”

About “King of Mask Singer,” he said, “It’s a program that receives a lot of love. I hope to be able to become a unique mask designer. Design is something I do because I really love it.”

Hwang Jae Keun has also appeared on various MBC variety programs such as “I Live Alone,” “Radio Star,” and “Quiz to Change the World.”

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