Lee Seung Gi Shows Off Mature and Classy Side for Cosmopolitan

Singer-turned-actor Lee Seung Gi recently participated in a photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, showing off his good looks in classy and fashionable clothes suitable for the upcoming winter.

In one picture, he stands out from the surrounding brick and concrete in his formal trench coat and suede shoes. In another, he pulls off a classic winter look with black and khaki elements.

lee seung gi

In the accompanying interview, he talks about his recent activities. “I was busy this year filming [upcoming historical movie] ’Compatibility.’ I filmed about three or four days a week and my schedule was so tight that I’d return home once every two weeks.”

The star also proves to be just like us on his days off. “When I’m free, I don’t do anything and stay at home,” he says. “I’ll watch a movie after I wake up and have lunch before going to exercise. When I return home I watch more movies into the night.”

lee seung gi

He is currently obsessed with the film “The Face Reader.” “I watched it about 10 times,” he says. “I was hoping to pick up some tips from Song Kang Ho’s acting but the difference between our abilities is too great. Normally I don’t watch a film I’ve already seen, but I watched this one over and over.”

Lee Seung Gi wraps up with his thoughts about his co-actor Shim Eun Kyung. “When I first met her, she was the shy young girl that I had expected. She’s different from the other actresses I’ve worked with before. When she focuses on acting she’s like a completely different person. When you monitor her scenes, her strength is incredible.”

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