Film Directors Unlikely to Attend 52nd Grand Bell Awards

The 52nd Grand Bell Awards has taken another big hit.

Last night on November 19, it was reported that all the Best Actor and Best Actress nominees will be unable to attend the ceremony, leaving viewers wondering how the production team will deal with such unexpected twist.

Now, with just hours left until the live broadcast of the grand year-end festival, many film directors are expressing their plans to not show up for the event. This is mainly due to the expected absence of most top actors.

According to a representative of Korea Film Directors’ Society, directors are increasingly in favor of skipping the ceremony. “It is true that such consensus is forming among directors, but this has not been enforced by the Directors’ Society. We leave it up to the directors themselves to decide [whether to attend or not].”

Prior to the attendance crisis, the Grand Bell Awards received criticism for its fee-based voting system and poor accounting practices.

The 52nd Grand Bell Awards is scheduled to air live on November 20 at 7:20 p.m. KST from KBS Hall.

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