Recap: Five Memorable Moments from GOT7's Fanmeet in Manila

GOT7 is known for their acrobatic skills and the humor they bring to the K-pop circuit. The group has been going around Asia for fanmeets and other special events these past few months and they recently stopped by the Philippines for fanmeets.

It was definitely tough to choose which part of the event was the best because the entire thing was a blast but we managed to round it down to five. Read our five memorable moments from GOT7’s fanmeet in Manila!

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1. The boys wowed the crowd with “Stop Stop It” and their latest single, “If You Do.” “Stop Stop It” was one of the group’s earlier releases while “If You Do” was the song that earned GOT7 their first music show win.

A video posted by Soompi (@soompikpop) on

A video posted by Soompi (@soompikpop) on

2. Jackson said his legs are too short for the chair.

Jackson is one giant bundle of laughter. As the boys proceeded to take their seats after introducing themselves, Jackson said the chair is too high for his short legs. Do you guys agree that he has short legs?

3. Bambam sang a popular Filipino song.

Bambam charmed the audience by singing a popular Filipino song titled “Ngiti.” Fans were cheering loudly and even sang along with him as he sung some lines.

4. Youngjae wildly protesting that his pedometer in the “Shake Shake” game was broken.

One of the games GOT7 played with the fans is the pedometer game or as the boys like to call it, the “Shake Shake” game. Each member is teamed up with a fan and they have pedometers strapped to their arms which they need to shake for 30 seconds. The members did anything and everything to get a high score– from swinging their arms madly to break dancing to just plain flailing across the stage. Youngjae had a lot of arm action going on and got a score of zero. Thus, the protest that his pedometer was broken.

5. The group performed JJ Project’s “Bounce.”

Long before GOT7 happened, JB and JR made their debut as the duo JJ Project with the track, “Bounce.” GOT7 closed the fanmeet and brought down the house by singing THAT track.


Bonus moment!

At the fanmeet’s press conference, the group was asked if they would like a cute or sexy concept for their next comeback. Some of the members answered “sexy” and the audience agreed. Jackson corrected that and said “No, because THAT’S WHAT WE ARE!”

That wraps up Soompi’s recap from GOT7’s fanmeet. Special thanks to our friends from All Access Productions for inviting us to cover the event!

Soompiers who were at the event, what was your favorite moment? (And who agrees with Jackson that GOT7 is sexy?) Anyone going to see GOT7 at their next event or fanmeet? Share with us what you’re looking forward to!

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