Jessica Makes the Cover of L’Officiel Singapore Look Ever So Chic

The Ice Princess Returneth!

Former Girls’ Generation member Jessica makes the cover of the fashion magazine L’Officiel Singapore. She released the cover shot through her Instagram account on November 20.

She looks ever so chic on the cover. She’s looking down and looking up with her hand at her chin. She looks haughty and arrogant, yet she exudes a sense of coolness about her in the pose.

Contrary to the aura, the style is quite feminine. She’s dressed in a dark blue and white mini-dress. She’s got a tiara on her head completing the look of the Ice Princess.

Since she parted with Girls’ Generation back in September of 2014, she’s been busy working as the creative director for her label BLANC & ECLARE. You can read more about her work and her label on L’Officiel magazine website.

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