Comedian Jung Hyung Don Hospitalized for Anxiety Disorder

A representative from FNC Entertainment announced on November 19 that comedian Jung Hyung Don has been hospitalized for anxiety disorder. The agency representative commented, “Jung Hyung Don was admitted to the hospital last Friday. He didn’t want anyone to know. Only a few of us at the agency know about it. He felt burdened to share the news of his hospitalization.”

He added, “Jung Hyung Don is currently receiving therapy treatment and medication. He will be discharged in a few days. After he’s discharged, Jung Hyung Don will be taking some time off to take care of himself at home.”

The agency representative asserted, “Jung Hyung Don’s disorder didn’t get any worse. He just never had time to get adequate treatment all this time since he was always working. His goal is to focus on his treatment at the hospital.”

Jung Hyung Don recently took a hiatus from all of the shows he is a part of in order to treat his anxiety disorder. He had been struggling with it for many years, but has had a tougher time in recent days which led to his departure from the shows.

We wish him the best and hope for a speedy recovery!

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