GOT7 Sing “I Love You” in “Confession Song” Teaser Video

We’ve been some good girls (and boys) this year since we’re getting at least one fabulous holiday gift. And that it is a declaration of love by GOT7.

On November 21 at midnight KST, JYP Entertainment dropped another sweet teaser clip for the boy group’s upcoming title track entitled “Confession Song.” They previously revealed a GOTOON teaser for the release.

Shot at a regular high school, the video shows some of the adorable GOT7 members basically going around the school wearing massive Rudolph heads and surprising everyone with their costume. They then take a couple of female students to a secret location where another mysterious Rudolph holding a bouquet of roses seems to be waiting for them. We also see some GOT7 members monitoring the process from a screen, leaving us wondering what role they will play in this grand operation.

Near the very end, we get to hear a little preview of the song. With the boys singing “I love you, Baby I love you,” the song can’t turn out to be anything but perfectly sweet and festive.

Stay tuned for the album release on November 23 at midnight KST!