11 Amazing Intro Tracks From K-Pop Albums

An intro track is a great way to set the mood and prepare listeners for the rest of the album. These songs are usually one to two minutes long, and is the appetizer to the to “title track” main course.

If you aren’t a huge fan of an artist, chances are that you have only heard the main promoted track and missed the intro.

Listen to some of our favorite intro tracks from recent K-pop albums.

Lee Hi – “Turn It Up” from her first album “First Love.”
Title track: “It’s Over” and “Rose”

BTS – “What Am I To You” from their first album “Dark and Wild.” Also see “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life.”
Title track: “Danger” and “War of Hormone”

BIGBANG – “Still Alive” from mini album “Alive.”
Title tracks: “Blue”, “Fantastic Baby”, and “Bad Boy”

INFINITE – “Infinitize” from their third mini album “Infinitze.” Also see Infinity (∞).
Title track: “The Chaser”

4Minute – “For Muzik” from their first mini album “Muzik.”
Title track: “Hot Issue” and “Musik”

MAMAMOO – “Hello” from their first mini album “Hello.”
Title track: “Mr. Ambiguous”

B.A.P – “Fight For Freedom” from second mini album “Power.”
Title track: “Power”

After School – “Let’s Step Up”  from their first full album “Virgin.” Also see “Let’s Do It.”
Title track: “Shampoo”

BEAST – “The Fact” from first album “Fiction and Fact.”
Title track: “Fiction”

SISTAR – “Come Closer” from their first single “Alone.”
Title track: “Alone”

Taeyang – “Rise” from his second solo album “Rise.”
Title track: “Eyes, Nose, Lips

Do you have a favorite intro track? Let us know in the comments below!