Rain Promises to Reveal Wedding News Himself to His Fans

Rain took to his Instagram on November 21 to open up to his fans about his wedding rumors with actress Kim Tae Hee.


He writes:

“Hello, this is Rain, Jung Ji Hoon. It’s gotten very cold lately. Please watch out for flu. There have been several times where news articles were written about [our] impending marriage and confusing everyone. I decided to write this because I feel it’s right for you to hear straight from me. Marriage is a once in a lifetime event. It’s a huge event for the couple involved. Because of its magnitude, I believe it’s right for me to tell my fans directly when that happens. I believe that’s showing my respect to you all and my long time fans. From now on, please do not believe anything you hear unless you hear it directly from me. Thank you.”

Rain and Kim Tae Hee publicized their relationship back in January of 2013. The report from November 20 is the fourth time rumors about their wedding came up.

Meanwhile, Rain plans to meet with his fans on December 11 through 13 at “The Squall 2015-2016 Rain in Seoul” inside the SK Handball Gymnasium located at Seoul Olympic Park. Kim Tae Hee is currently taking some time off since her latest drama “Yong Pal” wrapped up recently.

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