Yoo Seung Ho Praised by Staff Members for His Kind Heart and Manners

The behind-the-scenes preview stills of Yoo Seung Ho‘s drama “Remember” has been revealed, along with some great compliments towards the actor from the filming staff members.

The production staff who worked with Yoo Seung Ho said, “He’s not only good-looking. Everything he does is filled with manners.” Usually it is one of the staff members’ jobs to hold an umbrella or chair for an actor, but that isn’t the case with Yoo Seung Ho. Apparently, the actor suggested, “No, I’ll do it myself,” and did everything without anyone’s help.

Furthermore, he bowed to staff members younger than him and was kind and respectful to everyone regardless of age. People say it seems like he was just born with good manners. Yoo Seung Ho is known for having a good heart and mind, so this further proves that his good looks aren’t everything he’s got.

The production company Logos Film thanked Yoo Seung Ho and his co-star Park Min Young, saying, “The two are very bright and they give off positive energy to everyone on set. Usually it’s the staff members that have to match the actors’ moods but not this time.”

Meanwhile, “Remember” will air on December 9 after “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” finishes its run.

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