Mnet Responds to Claims That 2015 MAMA Awards Votes Have Been Rigged

While some fans have been criticizing Mnet for rigging 2015 MAMA Awards results, Mnet has responded saying they have not touched the votes.

On November 20, an representative from Mnet stated, “We have created a voting page to prevent illegal votes and we are carefully monitoring them to get the correct results. Fans can only vote once every day through one account, so it is impossible that someone could vote multiple times for an artist and rig the ballot.”

It continued, “It has come to our attention that someone might make multiple accounts under one name to vote countless times for an artist. To counteract that, we have set up a CAPTCHA system to prevent one from doing so.”

CAPTCHA system is a anti-hacking process that requires users to enter letters and symbols to tell humans apart from computers. If someone is rigging the votes, it will be revealed in the results later on.

Meanwhile, the 2015 MAMA Awards will be held in Hong Kong’s Asia World-Expo on December 2.

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