BEAST's Yoon Doojoon and Yong Junhyung Talk About a Dangerous Situation on

The November 20 broadcast of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle in Samoa” featured actors Lee Sang Yeob, Lee Won Jong, Wang Ji Hye, entertainer Kang Kyun Sung, singer Jung Joon Young, BEAST’s Junhyung and Doojoon with their leader comedian Kim Byung Man. On the latest episode, they had a chance to talk about their survival stories.

In the episode, the Byung Man Clan woke up in the middle of the night in a downpour. Lee Sang Yeob commented, “I laid down to sleep, but water was leaking due to the downpour.”

The production team and the crew lost communication at the basecamp. Byung Man Clan had to ditch the basecamp due to the fast rising water in the valley. They quickly had to pack up the recording equipment and get away from the valley. Everyone kept falling down because they couldn’t see clearly due to the rain. However, they were able to safely make their way out of the valley.

law of the jungle

Thinking back to the ordeal, Junhyung commented, “It was a very serious situation. I heard the houses were destroyed. Our belongings floated away, too.”

Doojoon added, “I think if we were delayed even 30 minutes to an hour, we could’ve been in serious danger.”

Meanwhile, Doojoon, Junhyung, and Jung Joon Hyung have demonstrated camaraderie by forming the “Snake89” group named after the year they were born.

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