Kim Min Jae Sports the Youthful Charms of a Typical 20-Year-Old in Pictorial

New and rising actor Kim Min Jae showed off his youthful charms in a recent pictorial.

Kim Min Jae has left a mark in the crowd’s mind with his role as Choi Ji Woo’s son in “Twenty Again.” In a recent pictorial, his cute and playful poses reinforce his young and energetic image. While he has impressively challenged himself with several different roles this year, in the pictorial he sports the charms only a 20-year-old (Korean reckoning) can project. At times, he even danced to the music on the set, though he turned bashful when the staff complimented him as cute.

In an interview afterwards, he proved that he was more than just his adorable looks. When asked if he ever had a dilemma between his identity as a rapper or an actor, he said, “I don’t want to limit myself and try to fit into a category made up by other people.”

Fans will be able to take a deeper look into Kim Min Jae’s mature thoughts and charming looks in the December issue of Nylon.

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