Kim Min Jae Praises Fellow “Music Core” MC Kim Sae Ron

Kim Min Jae and Kim Sae Ron, the new MCs for MBC’s “Music Core,” were recently interviewed on “Section TV Entertainment Relay” about their new jobs.

In particular, Kim Min Jae complimented Kim Sae Ron on her maturity. “She’s like my older sister,” he said. “She’s 16, but it feels like she’s 26.”

kim min jae kim sae ron

On the broadcast, the two of them were rehearsing GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu” for their debut MC stage. “We practiced every day for a week,” Kim Min Jae shared.

“I can’t dance or sing very well, so I’m really nervous,” Kim Sae Ron said. “I practiced so much but I don’t know if it will go well.”

Fortunately, the pair did a very good job on their first broadcast on November 21.

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