Suzy’s Transition into Acting Discussed on “Section TV”

It has been revealed that miss A’s Suzy debuted as an actress solely because of her agency.

On the November 22 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” reporters talked about stars with top looks and acting skills.


On this episode, Suzy was mentioned. It has been said that Suzy’s agency strongly recommended the star to start acting, despite her wishes against the idea. She did not want to act, but decided to try it out because of her agency. She then debuted as an actress through the drama, “Dream High.”


It wasn’t easy for her to reach her star status as an actress. In the beginning, many viewers criticized Suzy, and noted that her acting was very bad. After that, Suzy tried extremely hard to perfect her acting skills and be recognized as an actress. Her hard work paid off, as she rose to fame through her role in the film, “Architecture 101.” Through this movie, Suzy earned her nickname as the “Nation’s First Love.”


You can watch the clip of the episode below:

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