The Secret to Girls’ Generation’s Success of Almost Ten Years

The secret as to how Girls’ Generation was able to maintain their status as the number one girl group in Korea was revealed.

At the press conference for Girls’ Generation’s concert tour, “Girls’ Generation 4th Tour Phantasia in Seoul,” on November 22, a reporter asked, “Next year will be the tenth year since your debut. What is the secret to the group’s long term success?”

Tiffany responded, “We continue to release new music due to the continual love and support we receive from our fans. We never lost our passion for music and performing throughout all these years. We would always look forward to releasing new songs and would always tell ourselves to never stop working our hardest. The secret to our success is our teamwork as a group.”

For the concert, the girl group worked with the world famous choreographer, Rino Nakasone, who had previously worked with famous pop stars such as Britney Spears, Chris Brown, and Janet Jackson.

Girls’ Generation is expected to perform all of their hit songs during their concert and many are looking forward to the event as the group released many chart topping songs this year, including “Lion Heart,” from their newest fifth album.

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