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The “King of Mask Singer” contestant that’s been performing under the name Cosmos has had a hugely impressive winning streak, but her time on the show has now come to an end!

Cosmos has been appearing on the show for ten weeks, winning four “King of Mask Singer” competitions, and is in the running for her fifth win on November 22’s episode. She blows everyone away with her powerful performance of the song “In a Dream” by Jo Duk Bae.


However, she loses the competition this time around, which means it’s time for her to finally take off her mask. As most viewers expected, the talented singer has been none other than Gummy.

king of mask singer 4

Gummy admits that she’s always been nervous about what it would be like to take off the mask, but says, “Actually doing it now, it feels really refreshing. I’m so grateful.”

“As a singer, I’ve felt like I’ve been in a slump recently, but this has given me a lot of confidence,” she says as she tears up a bit.

king of mask singer 6

MC Kim Sung Joo then asks her, “What did your boyfriend say to encourage you?” It was announced earlier this year that Gummy is dating actor Jo Jung Suk.

“He gave me so much confidence,” Gummy replies, choking up with emotion. “He said I was in a class of my own,” she adds with a laugh.

king of mask singer 2

In her final interview, she turns to her mask and says, “Take care. I’ll come see you.”

king of mask singer 3

Watch the reveal of Gummy’s identity below.

Gummy also hosted a live broadcast on V app on the evening of November 22, and shared some shots of herself with her iconic mask to her official Facebook.

gummy 2 gummy 1

gummy 3

Gummy tied with Kim Yeon Woo for the most consecutive wins on “King of Mask Singer” so far. Did you know it was her all along?

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