Yoo Ah In Sheds Traditional Garb for Modern, City Look in Esquire

Actor Yoo Ah In showed off his versatile charms with a recent pictorial with fashion magazine Esquire.

Yoo Ah In showed a number of different sides of himself to the cameras, from his boyish side to his masculine charms. In particular, he adds to his handsomeness with his sharp gaze and great styling on the cover.

yoo ah in 3

Netizens commented on the shoot, saying, “Ridiculously handsome…” “I don’t know much about fashion.. but look… at his lips…” “His coolness just slays…” “He must be happy to have such a small face… So jealous.”

Yoo Ah In is currently appearing in the SBS historical drama “Six Flying Dragons,” playing the role of Lee Bang Won, who will later go on to become King Taejong of Joseon.

You will be able to find Yoo Ah In’s full pictorial and interview on the December issue of Esquire.

yoo ah in 1

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