TWICE’s Members Show Off Their Korean Fan Dancing Skills on “My Little Television”

TWICE’s Misamotzu (Mina, Sana, Momo, Tzuyu) attempt Korean fan dancing on “My Little Television.”

On the episode of MBC’s “My Little Television” aired on November 22 through Daum’s tvPot, Kim Gu Ra, Lee Hye Jung, Jung Joon Ha, TWICE, and Han Hye Yeon battle for the best channel rankings.

During the show, TWICE’s members hold fans and position themselves in from to the camera. After learning how to fan dance, they try to twirl while keeping their fans open. They also attempt to spin when forming a circle, capturing the viewer’s eyes with their elegant moves and the flashy colors of their fans.

Twice 3

Twice 2

Watch their sweet moves here!

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