B.A.P's Daehyun and Boys Republic's Suwoong Show Off Beautiful Bromance

B.A.P‘s Daehyun and Boys Republic‘s Suwoong have publicly showcased their bromance through a series of Instagram posts.

The beautiful exchange began when Suwoong shared a screenshot of him streaming B.A.P’s latest single, “Young, Wild & Free.” The photo was captioned, “Congradulations on your comeback!! The song is amazing~~ B.A.P Style~ B.A.P fighting!!! Daehyun-hyung hooray!”

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Daehyun responded a week later by sharing a screenshot of a conversation between the two. The shared screencap revealed the following conversation between the two:

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“Suwoong: Hyung, fighting!!!

Daehyun: OK, OK. Thank you for the Instagram post. Let’s meet when I’m free, I’ll contact you!

Suwoong: OK, hyung! I love you~~

Daehyun: Me too”

Furthermore, Daehyun captioned the photo saying “[This is] a dongseng (younger brother) that I really love. Let’s fighting! Thank you!!”

B.A.P is currently promoting their new album, “Matrix.”

Are there any other adorable bromances you can think of like theirs?

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